The App

Sales Scenario

Sales Scenario is a decision tool for Management Teams, Sales Managers and Sales Reps. You run different future scenarios to be safe you will achieve your sales targets. Download it here.


Sales decisons may sometimes be tough. Sales Scenario includes comprehensive Blog Radio podcasts – a huge source of inspiration – from strategy and futurist gurus to help you make inspired and well-informed sales decisions.


The core principle of Sales Scenario is that good decisions are not made in isolation in response to an individual’s idea or individual piece of data. In Sales Scenario you invite and collaborate within your team to make the best possible decisions.

Scenario Based

Sales Scenario uses a scenario based method where you run different future scenarios instead of only reading fancy charts and reports based upon historical data. There are reasons the windscreen of your car is a lot larger than the rear view mirror.

Questions & Answers

Where can I find the Sales Scenario App?

The App is available so far in Apple’s AppStore for iPad (full functionality) and iPhone (limited functionality). Download it here.

What do you mean The App is “on the tactical horizon”?

Apart from operational (activities done now) or strategic level (the plan for next 1-3 years), The App shows what to do to reach your 12-month target based on where you are today; this date current revenue, no of sales reps, average order, hitrates etc.

In what what ways can I get feedback from my team?

All feedback is gained in the chat. You may get feedback in two ways; by “Like/Dislike” or by simply put a short message in the chat what you think about a scenario.

If I get an invitation but can’t answer myself, can I forward the question to a collegue or expert?

Yes, that’s true Collaborative Decision Making!

Can I listen to the Blog Radio even if do other things in my iPad, such as surfing the internet or typing an e-mail?

Yes, but The App has to be started in the background.

Is the Sales Scenario app free to download?

The app is free to download with one default scenario you can use and limited access to the Blog Radio with strategy podcasts. A monthly subscription is avaliable for a fee providing the ability to create unlimited scenarios and listen to all podcasts in the Blog Radio.



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