A New Customer Without Any Sales; That Isn’t Luck.

A couple of weeks ago a company just called me and said they will buy my product. I hadn’t heard of them before and, of course, I hadn’t done any activity at all to sell. In fact, I wasn’t even aware of their bare existence.

I thought; Ohh, that’s pure luck!


But it was not. I mean, I was happy having them as customer buying my product, but it was no “luck” involved in getting them.

Five years ago, I got in contact with – as I hoped – a new partner company. We were the perfect match; our products complement each other perfectly. One day they called me in to do an introduction for a couple of hours, so they would be able to understand my product better. Since my hope was that they would provide leads to me, I accepted.

How naive was that, on a scale? Instead of a short introduction, they really pumped out of me all my knowledge. I felt somewhat robbed, but nevertheless, I like to give, so that was not a problem, but after that session I didn’t hear from them. Not a single faint whisper for five years.

Until a couple of weeks ago when my customer told me where they got my name from. “Call Stefan, he’s awesome doing that type of stuff”.

In the new type of sales process, which more or less doesn’t exists in the same way as before, the buyer is king. And in the new internet economy, most things of commodity are anticipated to be free. This means you cannot sell first. To sell, it’s anticipated you give first, to have a chance of any reward.

Lucky you, Sales Rep! In the new social world it’s easy to give. Of course you need to have some sort of skill, that may be sought after. Use that expertise to get into discussions, but be aware: DON’T SELL! Just provide your knowledge in a humble and confident manner, and you will leave a good aftertaste.

Lesson learned, your chances to be rewarded is much greater if you give first. It may take a long time, but sooner or later you will see the positive effects of giving are greater than the negative.

Happy Giving!