Driving your car at full speed looking in the rear view mirror?

There are reasons the rear view mirror is much smaller than the windscreen. Are you heading to a defined destination it’s no sense turning back, taking another way. If you’re lost, you may turn back but the car’s front will still be turned forward. You’re losing time, but hopefully the turn you take is leading to your final destination.

Same in business. Things that have happened cannot be changed. If you’re not perfoming very well, you would make some minor or major adjustments. You’re losing time, but hopefully you are on track again after a while.

The Point is; can you afford losing that time? And how complex is it to turn around?

Driving a car at high speed; it can be dangerous stopping in very short time, as well as in business. It’s not that easy turning a business around as well, communicate your decisions and making people follow a new path believing it would be the right way to go and let them bear your enterprise towards your targets.

And, when you’re finished, will you still be the market leader? Have your competitors disappeared out of sight in front of you? Has the world been changing so fast your decision still is relevant? Finally; is it really possble doing the turn at all?

Geting the message? If are going wrong, adjust your path or turn around. You’re  losing time and momentum but the alternative may be driving into a rock wall. Contradictory, the only tool avoiding going wrong is to follow the trace of yourself of past events – the history. In sales, that means The Report.

Moment 22? No.

Since you cannot change the history, could you then change the future? Well, not really, but if you would understand what forces – and the impact of them – a little better, you would have a good chance seeing obstacles and signs early and be prepared how to act.

That’s called Scenario Management.

Scenario management or Scenario Analysis was initially used several decades ago. Implementations in areas like aviation and the military are common. Most implementations have been in rather long term perspectives, but I’m sure the method would work fine also for a more short term tactical perspective as well, as in the Sales Scenario App.


Scenario management is an alternative or complement to your existing sales report showing what has happened and maybe some sort of insight why it did. The scenario management process will help you:

  1. Be prepared for events that may come up
  2. Learn what driving forces would have an impact on your business and
  3. How to control them

It’s important to notice, the scenario management will not tell you the exact picture of the future, but rather a number of alternative developments that may happen. The nice thing is that in your work establishing these alternative outcomes, scenario management will also show you the paths to the outcomes.

By having the paths, you may act more proactively, eliminating going wrong. In driving the car, that’s the huge windscreen showing alternative ways to go, possibibities, obstacles, dangers etc, in time to act, being prepared for events coming.

And that’s all about driving a sucessful business, isn’t it?

Best Regards,


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