Sales Decision Making Revolution is Coming

When I first got in touch with sales management decision processes many years ago, decision making was a task for essentially an individual – the boss – based on a static sales report. It was up to his or her experience, management style or even gut feeling if the quality of the decision was high or low.

However, the lower quality of the decision, the longer implementation time for the decision itself. And the longer implementation time, the longer payback time for the anticipated good effects; if the effects at this time were relevant at all or out-paced in the fast moving business environment and hard competition.

Later, tools like tele or video conferencing systems entered the market. Those systems gave possibilities to discuss topics to decide upon. However, the basis for decision had to be prepared and sent out to team members in advance, providing actually no possibilities for alternatives to evolve.

Then came the internet based collaboration plug-ins like webex, teamviewer, gotomeeting, lync and many more. You now, all these softwares with their thousands of buttons, no standards, fuzzy Icons – all with one thing in common; you never remember how to use them. Yes, you may collaborate, chat, show your screen, but there is no context content with alternatives and you need all team members to be online at the same time. That’s a challenge even without time zones…

Now many talks about the social things; like LinkedIn, Twitter etc for collaboration. It’s not collaboration in my eyes, more like Inspiration. You can comment, share or Like, but It’s too open to get into your real sales problems.

Today, vendors like Qliktech, Cognos, Microsoft and IBM and many more provide you with sales reports showing the history, not the alternatives for tomorrow. The charts are colorful and you may understand them. They show detailed answers based on Big Data, but not to your questions. If you ask for the future, they will ask for your big bucks to prepare static alternatives to discuss around.

The worst thing is that you need to discuss your current situation and your alternatives several times a month, because things are happening so fast and you need to act – not react – to be on track.

There are modern solutions, that in one single tool let you run and elaborate among future sales specific scenarios as many times a week you need to, invite and chat with your management team, friends or experts – when they got the time to – and get inspiration from top sales gurus, to make better and more well-grounded decisions that are already implemented, so you can stay as the leader in your specific market.

Stay tuned – in the next days I would like to introduce the biggest news in the Collaborative Decision Making market history.

It will revolutionize the way you make sales decisions.

BR, Stefan


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