Why the decision process is more important than the charts

Got a paper in my hand, covering the new hypes of Business Intelligence. I wasn’t especially interested though it’s my area of work, because of all superlatives of what you could analyze. There were those fancy pictures showing columns, pies and all other types of charts.

Now, what were the charts showing, really? And if you understand them, what would be your action?

The feeling became more and more obvious. We dig deeper and deeper into the databases, but do we understand the results? I was little bit discussing this in the blog post Big Data anyone? It’s time for Less Data. We hurry finding answers, but we are not really specific about the questions.

However, the paper was showing a lot nice answers to me. A lot enterprises have been pouring billions of bucks into their fantastic systems, costing plenty of money in licenses and consultancy fees for their customers.

But at the end of the paper, there was a tiny little article that cought my interest. It was telling the future of Business Intelligence is you. Yes, you. The humans, the management teams. Discussing what to do using their experience and making decisions.

Besides the thought that the humans have taken decisions long before BI tools were developed, the article pointed out the actions taken AFTER the analytics are presented. The process we use to move forward taking good decisions.

The point was the BI tools for the future should be supporting the decision process it self, not really the contruction of another pie chart or Big Data project.

The analytics and charts will in the near future become commodity, at no or low cost and easy to achieve, due to high competition and the trend of having access more than own the data or charts. But the decision process will still be sophisticated, because we are humans. We still have to make and implement decisions, and we still have to change people’s minds.

We still need to get well grounded decisions to accomplish change. And we need to change even faster than before.

As always, it’s easier to change in small pieces than in one major leap. That’s why it’s more important to start thinking about your decision process than your charts.

But I admit they can be nice and colorful 😉

Best Regards,