Who is doing the farming in new sales?

This is an old favourite of mine. Still I realize so many clients still struggling setting an organization and process for just a simple thing; Communication. Do we ever learn to be truly collaborative within our internal organizations? Not being that at first, how would we cope with the next challenge, approaching by very high speed: the external and social dimension in collaboration?

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While New Business sales focus on signing the potential customer as quickly as possible, key account management’s target is to expand existing customer engagements. How can you combine these two opposite momentums for better profitability?

Hunting and Farming differences

When first finding a potential customer, obviously they have got some type of need or problem. The qualification process evaluates type of need, when the business may take place, if there is a budget, our type of solution to their problem, if we may identify decision makers and so on. If all goes well sales management keep pace pressure on to close the deal in line with defined KPI’s so the sales rep can start focus on the next opportunity.

Hold on for a sec. Two questions;

  1. Was it the right customer need the sales rep went for?
  2. Didn’t the potential customer have more than the initially identified need?

The point is if there was…

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