Sales Tactics for Dummies – summary

While driving home for Christmas, I’ll just try to give you all a short summary from the post Sales Tactics for Dummies.

As you know, my defintion of Sales Tactics is the ability to act proactively on issues that are unplanned and deviates from the strategic plan or the possibility to reach it’s targets.

To establish that sales tactics ability to act, you need to:

  • Go for a Collaborative Decision Making culture
  • Introduce some sort of software that supports the above decision making

First, the Culture. I’d just read a great blog post written by Anthony J. Bradley, Group vice President in Gartner Research, that provides insight that it’s time to take advantage of social behaviour in our professional organizations, and not only in marketing. No-one these days can disagree that social media has made a huge impact to our businesses. Why shouldn’t the benefits be used in other processes as well?

A great start could be the sales process.

Even if a more collaborative decision making style may give some benefits, it’s not really any big effects if you don’t support that with a software. The software would in every aspect help you gather comments and bright ideas – from your management team or sales reps on the street. New truths you never would have been aware of may pop up – painfully honest. But take advantage of all new insights and make better decisions and communicate decisions with higher level of acceptance by those people that are affected. Not to take this opportunity – it’s reality today – is only stupid.

A software platform should include the following:

  • Possibility to define an objective
  • Run one or several possible future scenarios
  • Share a chosen scenario within your team, employees or external network
  • Have comments and ideas back
  • Improve your scenario
  • Communicate your decision instantly and clear

Looking forward to 2014, it seems to be the year collaborative decision making will blossom. The advantages are there. The softwares are on the shelf to grab. But is your organization ready?

We’ll keep in touch,

Merry Christmas!



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