Don’t let yourself get distracted by trends, bring out the best of you and your business

Lately I have been inspired from an unexpected direction, from a sales person. I have always been a skeptic to sales shady ways, never giving a straight answer, never doing what was promised, always stating what will happen and dodging all relevant questions of actually has been achieved. But working with Stefan and reading David Brock in the ”Partners in EXCELLENCE Blog” has given me insight that I have been generalizing too much. They inspire me. There are sales people who understand and can explain what sales really contribute in a company. Read what they are writing to come back to the core question of what selling is all about and how you can get more control of your people and processes.

Today development moves at an amazing speed and information is global at the push of a button. Keeping up with what is happening in your area of work is difficult and time consuming because of the sheer amount of information. The influence of Big Data, social media,solution selling, sales and operation planning, and whatever new thing that is happening out there is actually totally irrelevant if you are doing it for the wrong reason. They are merely the cherry on the cake. This is what I find inspiring in Stefan and David. They are talking at the core of the topic sales, what makes a delicious cake…

This weekend I watched an interview with Simon Sinek, “the #1 Business Principle that Changes Everything”. Thank you Scott at “Live your ledgend” for the interview! What strikes me is that people that constantly are changing to the latest fad on the market in order to “fix” their business or the ways they work have not asked themselves the important question “why” they do what they do. So if you are a searcher, reading this blog because you want a quick solution to your business problems, I have to disappoint. You need to do the celery test. There is no “fix”, you need to sit down and write why your business exists or why you work with what you do every day.

If you are a sales manager you need to task yourself why you are a manager. I cannot tell you the right answer (it’s not “because I’m a great sales person”), but if you love the challenge of sales and you are inspired to lead people you will be helped and inspired as I have been by reading the blogs I mentioned in the beginning.

My why? I love fixing problems and sharing what I learn. Maybe it is more that I like learning new things and finding ways of using what I know to solve problems. I get in there and I go in deep to find out what the real issue is and then there is the juicy delight of finding a way of getting others beside myself to understand the solution. This is the reason I have been writing about strategy. It all starts there and if you have a problem with strategy, your owners or management team really need to sit down with the “why” question. When you’re clear on the “why” the strategy will come naturally. If you still need help to solve a complicated issue, don’t worry about it, you are welcome to give me a call. I’m eagerly awaiting the next challenge.


3 Replies to “Don’t let yourself get distracted by trends, bring out the best of you and your business”

  1. Great information! Good Post. It is good to see valuable information from a person who obviously has a good grasp of the subject.


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